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5-Day Yoga Course
Dharamkot Yoga Centre
3 - 7 April 2023
₹5,850/- | ₹6,500/-
"Learning how to fine tune our body and mind in order to evolve is a necessity and the right of all human beings"
- Yoga Master Sharat Arora

About Yoga Weekend & 5-Day Courses

The Yoga Weekend Classes and 5-Day Yoga Courses immerse the participant into the essence of Yoga, teaching both its philosophical as well as practical aspects.

Sharat Arora, Indian Yoga Master, designed the Course program using a scientific approach and a subtlety of awareness that is often overlooked in other forms of Yoga. During his 42 years of experience and research in the field, he developed – and still continues to develop – a unique approach to teaching the foundations of Yoga practice in a way that is accessible to all people regardless of age or fitness.

Yoga Weekend & 5-Day Courses Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre
Yoga Weekend & 5-Day Courses Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre

These Iyengar Yoga Courses equip the practitioner with a complete Iyengar Yoga Practice with standing poses, twists, forward bends, back bends, inversions and relaxations. Students learn everything that is needed to maintain a regular self-practice independently.

Features of Yoga Weekend & 5-Day Courses

  • Group consultation before the course begins to clarify students’ ailments so that the Teacher/Assistants can give personalised assistance
  • Course conducted by a Master Teacher Sharat Arora or one of his Trained Teachers
  • Props are used to maintain alignment and will be adjusted according to each student’s needs
  • Students with ailments are given specific therapeutic attention and adjustment
Yoga Weekend & 5-Day Courses Dharamkot Yoga Centre Dharamshala
Yoga Weekend & 5-Day Courses Dharamkot Yoga Centre Dharamshala
  • Learn to turn your awareness inwards, focusing on and learning from the sensations of the body
  • Learn correct and aligned practice of a sequence of Yoga Asanas including standing poses, twists, forward bends, back bends, inversions and relaxations
  • Experience the benefits of a wholesome practice including corrective, rejuvenating/energizing and relaxing/meditative postures which designed to heal the body and promote general wellness
  • Integrate the breath within the Yoga Asanas
  • Get tips on how to structure a Yoga Self-Practice at home and when travelling, how to create props from things in your home
  • Talk/Q&A session at the end of the week
  • The Courses are informative, motivational and, above all, experiential

Please note that the Yoga Weekend Courses comprises the first three days of the 5-Day Yoga Course. Students who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Yoga Practice or who have Therapeutic needs are strongly advised to sign up for the full 5-Days Course. Students who wish to study longer term and progress to the Returning Students Yoga Classes or qualify for a 160hr Yoga Intensive Course or Yoga Teacher Training must sign up for the full 5 Days.

Iyengar Yoga Courses at the HIYC

At the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre we practise and teach a unique evolution of Iyengar Yoga as discovered and developed by our Master Teacher Sharat Arora. Because of the differences of this style of Yoga with other types of Hatha and Classical Iyengar Yoga, all students coming to the HIYC for the first time must start with a 3 or 5-Day Introductory Course i.e. 5-Day Yoga Course or Yoga Weekend Course. This applies to everyone, regardless of his or her previous Yoga experience and ability.

Yoga Weekend & 5-Day Courses Arambol Yoga Centre Goa
Yoga Weekend & 5-Day Courses Arambol Yoga Centre Goa

Returning/Continuing Students Course: After successfully completing the full 5-Day Introductory Yoga Course, students who wish to continue their Yoga training at the HIYC start the classes for the continuing students. In the Returning Students’ Yoga Classes you will be guided into a greater and subtler understanding of the postures as well as learning new Yoga Asanas. Students can sign up for the full 5 days or treat these classes like drop-ins.

The Yoga Classes at the HIYC take 2.5 to 3.5 hours daily

Yoga Weekend Classes with Yoga Master Sharat
Yoga Weekend Classes with Yoga Master Sharat

The Yoga Weekend and 5-Day Yoga Course provide an introduction to Iyengar Yoga. For serious Yoga Practitioners and people with Therapeutic needs we highly recommend following a minimum of 2 consecutive 5-Day Courses to learn the most essential poses of our practice and experience the essence of Yoga. After 3 x 5-Day Courses we consider that a student is fully prepared to continue to Self-Practice as well as qualifying for one of our 160H Intensive Yoga Courses and the Yoga Teacher Training Course. For this reason we offer discount on each successive course booked up to 4 weeks.

Classes may be recorded by audio, video and photography for the purpose of archiving the teachings. Recordings will be made available via membership site to students for their own study at home.

Yoga Weekend & 5-Day Courses Booking & Deposit

Dharamkot Yoga Centre, Dharamshala:
Fee for Indian Students: ₹5,850/-
Fee for Foreign Students: ₹6,500/-
Note: Food & Accommodation NOT INCLUDED

To ensure a place in the course, you should book in advance. For booking and deposit please click here and fill up the booking form and make the online payment using Debit card / Credit card / Internet banking. You may Contact us to check availibility for your dates.

Please read Yoga Weekend & 5-Day Yoga Requirements for Participation, Code of Conduct, Terms and Conditions of Payment.

Book 5-Day Yoga Courses

5-Day Yoga Course
Dharamkot Yoga Centre
3 - 7 April 2023
₹5,850/- | ₹6,500/-

HIYC Community Yoga Pass

The special “Community Yoga Pass” is for all our long time students who have been with our yoga centre and practised the Sharat Arora Yoga Method for 20 classes and longer. This means any student who finished four full 5-Day Courses or an Intensive Yoga Course in our Himalayan Shanti Ashram with Master Yoga Teacher Sharat Arora is eligible to purchase the CYP.

Validity: 1 month
Cost: ₹10,000/-


  • The CYP is valid for 5-Day Courses only
  • CYP holders get 50% off any Special Classes at HIYC (Women’s class, Men’s class, Restorative class)
  • The CYP is registered on name and non transferable to other students or change in time after purchase
  • The CYP is non refundable
  • CYP is a monthly membership