Yoga Asanas Sequence for Menstruation, Menopause and Post-Menopause

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A woman has her own rhythm; as the Moon keeps on changing according to the different cycles, so too do a woman’s body, and her needs, change during her own cycle. In this class, designed by women for women, the practitioners will learn how to listen to their own bodies, using the principles taught on the 5-Day Course to help them practise in accordance with where they are in their cycle. The group is intimate and the teacher will give practitioners the chance to share their experiences, ask questions and to learn together how to relax and reconnect to their feminine nature.

Although the class is designed to give women a practice attuned to their needs specifically around and during the time of their period, it should be emphasised that this class and the postures taught are suitable and beneficial to all women and girls at any stage in life. Whether your menstruation has yet to begin, or whether it finished years ago, this class will help you to learn to go within in a more feminine setting, and to explore your own feminine experience and your body’s needs at any stage in your cycle or your life. The Women’s Class is taught by a female teacher and is available to all women who have completed one or more 5-Day Courses.

Please note that the HIYC reserves the right to run the class only if there are more than 8 participants, or at the teachers discretion.

This class is scheduled weekly and according to interest from students and availability of teachers. Students who wish to attend a Women’s Class should request to the office or their 5-Day Course teacher.

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