Yoga Teacher Yaara

Shasmistha Sinha. 41 (India) F

Date: 28 May - 1 June 2015

I enjoyed the experience at the HIYC. It is a beautiful centre.

The 5 day course is too short. Perhaps a month long course would be good. Teaching was excellent.

The teacher was a born teacher. Laura and Francois were very helpful and kind.

Yes, I did feel calmer and got better sleep. A month long course would be good.

Miwolic Krishna R., 34 (India) M

Date: 28 May - 1 June 2015

For this time I was waiting to learn for many months. Since my last visit at HIYC I wanted to learn and practice in daily life. I enjoyed it a lot.

I am very happy with the way of teaching. Which helps to do self practice and it was really understandable.

The Teacher and Support Staff. They really helped a lot to correct the pose during all the time. I’m so happy for this and thankful to everyone.

Cole Tyler, 22 (USA) M

Date: 28 May - 1 June 2015

It was very informative and helped me to improve my individual practice and to understand the foundations better.

The first day the course seemed to move slowly, but as the class progress I understood that it was to help each student to receive the help and attention they needed.

The teacher was excellent at directing our thoughts back to our bases and understanding the importance for our foundations.

I felt an increase in mindfulness/awareness of my body and each individual part.

This was my first time doing Yoga and I felt like it gave me a great understanding of fundamentals and how to be able to practice.

Nattalie Rabb, 22 (USA) F

Date: 28 May - 1 June 2015

The Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre is really pleasant and beautiful and a challenging experience!

I have had experience with Yoga and meditation, but always separately. I am used to fast-paced, following Yoga. This was my first expose to Hatha Yoga and I have really enjoyed the fusion of the two in one practice. It was been a challenge, but a beautiful challenge.

Yaara is a doll, a really wonderful instructor and teacher with great energy, great light.

The entire staff and centre is very professional.

My awareness of my mind and thoughts are improved. My desire and cravings as they say became harder to ignore.

Yehudit Bleiweiss, 27 (Israel) F

Date: 28 May - 1 June 2015

I felt really good during the course. The teaching was good and I liked the course.

The teacher was professional and nice and also the support staff.

I felt much more relaxed and connected to my body and myself.

Mikala Maloney, 21 (Australia) F

Date: 28 May - 1 June 2015

I enjoyed my time at the Yoga centre.

The course was structured well, to progress and to go deeper each day. The teaching was clear and relatable.

The teacher was knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The support staff was helpful.

I felt calmness during the day after practice and relaxation after specific poses.

Avigail Barsella, (Israel) F

Date: 28 May - 1 June 2015

It was very intensive, professional and I felt like I’m doing the right thing.

It was very professional, going into the smallest details and a lot of personal attention.

The teacher was very professional and simpatic and didn’t leave any question open. And the other staff was also very helpful.

Not more than usual.

The teacher and the staff were very helpful.

Bob Pasley, 64 (USA) M

Date: 28 May - 1 June 2015

Our experience at HIYC was wonderful. The gardens, the views and the quiet ambiance was very comforting.

As a beginner I certainly chose the right place to enhance my knowledge of Yoga. The focus on breath and pose was invaluable and will guide my yoga practice in the future.

They were so helpful. Instructor was sufficient (succinct) yet easy to follow. Her verbal instructions and her visual examples allowed me to advance my understanding of yoga.

Relaxed yet and focused.

Konika Dev, 25 (India) F

It is about getting aware of the true meaning of yoga. It is quiet relaxing and my body feel light.

The course is amazing and I would love to visit again!

Our teacher Yaara is very helpful and a pleasing. She has an amazing aura in herself. We enjoyed her presence every time she made adjustments to our posture.

I felt very calm and composed; I surely want to practice on a regular basis to keep up the same feeling throughout my life.

The centre is beautiful, I love the way it is.

Please open a centre in Delhi, too.

Monika Sanar and Kanika Dev, 30 / 25 (India) F

The HIYC is a beautiful, calm and full of greenery spot. We felt really at peace and it made us happy and calm.

The course was full of knowledge about the woman body and poses. We really learned a lot and also how to deal with the period and low energy.

Yaara is a super good teacher. We completely loved her and extending our 5 day course because of her.

Our bodies have become more open and flexible. Our minds have become more relaxed and we feel happier.

Any student of Iyengar Yoga (Sharat Arora) who is taking yoga classes in Delhi?, please let us know!