Yoga Master Teacher Sharat Arora

Odette Marshall, UK

Date: February 2016

Yesterday I completed a three weeks Iyengar Yoga intensive course with Sharat Arrora who was a student of Iyenger for six years in Pune/ South East of Mumbai and since has been teaching Iyengar for several decades after completing his teachers training course. Before I found Sharat and his Iyengar Yoga teaching, I tried many schools of Yoga but never found one that taught the complete awareness of illiminating and preventing illnesses and pain in one's body, which we all suffer from at one time or another in our life. Since I met Sharat twelve years ago, I have not been to a conventional doctor. I am now the doctor of my body. If I am unable to repair an issue, I would always consult Sharat or one of his teachers at one of his centers.

My experience of the last intensive was amazing. We were 14 students with three teachers. We started at 5.30 a m self practice, tea at 8 a m then classes from 8.30 a m until 12.30 p m, a lunch break, rest until 5.30, evening teaching from 5.30 until 7 p m when we are served a wonderful vegetarian dinner.

In between his very professional teaching, we all had great fun with Sharat's sense of humour and listening to the traditional way of life in India.

The only sad aspect was, three weeks of intensive passed too quickly. I will have to persuade people around me to allow me to join the therapy course which will be in his paradise center in the Himalyas.


Michael Birrer, 32 (Swiss) M

Date: 19-22 June 2015

I went through some simple but amazing changes, so I enjoyed it very much.

It is a new way to help my body and mind to improve slowly and without disturbances.

Sharat is a true master; these words went through my mind with no resistance.

I felt a lot of changes throughout the second week.  I developed a more precise practice.

Stay pure and believe in future.


Sue Garn, 58 (Israel) F

Date: 19-22 June 2015

I very much enjoyed the time at the HIYC.

Some days were more challenging and intense, but I learned a lot about meeting the challenge, believing in myself and taking steps for further self-development.

I also really liked the teacher and the support staff.

I feel more relaxation and awareness to bring that state to myself.

Harry Bhullar

Date: 19-22 June 2015

I have had 3 wonderful weeks, each week better than the last.

I loved the yoga, the precision and the details of the teaching.

Sharat is great and generous.

I feel a lot of changes after 3 weeks.

It was a great experience. Thank you!

Neeraj Krishna, 13 (India)

Date: 11-15 June 2015

I enjoyed the time with yoga.

I love the course because now I am feeling good.

I like the teacher because he teaches me very good.

Now I am more flexible.




Sandra Surio, 43 (Spain) F

Date: 4-8 June 2015

I enjoyed it a lot. It is very essential to learn the basis of the poses.

The teaching was very precise and regarding everyone’s needs.

The long explanation are very essential and maintaining the poses challenging.

The teacher was great; he transferred his knowledge with precision and clarity, in a firm and understandable way.

The support staff was very helpful as well.

I feel different; the most important was the opening and stretching of my toes, which makes my back stretched and longer.

Sophie Burkart, 23 (Germany) F

Date: 4-8 June 2015

It was the first time after two years that I did some yoga again and I was happy to experience a completely different approach than

I expected. From being a bit skeptical I started enjoying the class thoroughly. Thank you so much!

The course was well managed and I learnt so much about my body and about the lifestyle.

I’ll try to keep and integrate it into my daily routine.

Although we were so numerous our teacher always made sure that we were doing the poses properly.

We could ask whatever we wanted and they managed to keep a very positive and inspiring atmosphere.

I could calm down a lot quicker than usually.

Thank you! You are a great team!!

Nalin Kumar, 50 (India) M

Date: 4-8 June 2015

The time at HIYC was thoroughly enjoyable. Yoga training, weather, ambience and the lovely cottage, all were great experiences.

The main teacher and the support stuff were very helpful and had lots of understanding of the subject.

All were very helpful and encouraging.

Yes, it was relaxing, motivating and a nice eye opener for taking care of one’s health.

Some initiative to do online assistance etc. is already in progress. Nothing more is worth suggesting.

It was a lovely experience.  I would love to come back.

Monica Morillas Ubeda, 41 (Spain) F

Date: 4-8 June 2015

It was an amazing experience, after 4 years practicing Yoga. With this course I started to be more aware of my alignment.

The course is very helpful; it gives you the base for a proper practice.

Great teacher with very good instructions, even in the small things the assistants were great and very helpful.

Yes, I realize about parts of my body like the foot that are very important and also my mind is more focused.


Angelika Beyen, 26 (Germany) F

Date: 4-8 June 2015

I had a great time and did learn a lot.

The teachings were mind-blowing and really effective. Even we were quiet a big group I could gain a feeling of peace and calmness during the class and after.

I really liked the way of teaching, it was informative and with a lot of humor at the same time.

I feel calmer and more aware; also my body feels much better.