Teacher Trainees Program / Assistant Teachers at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre

Polina Mischenko

Date: 19-30 May 2015

(Assistant Teacher from the March-April 2015 Teachers Training Course)

The course:    
The schedule was very comfortable, not too early to rise, not too late to have dinner. The practices were not hurried, which gave a relaxed and laid back atmosphere. There were a perfect combination and timings of asana, meditation, relaxation and silence.

The teacher:    
Shivani is super! Her manner of teaching; calm and taking her time, being present and herself highly aware, made me want to become more present, aware and calm. And I feel like I did! Even after so many weeks here with HIYC I learned great new techniques for improving my practice. Thank you Shivani!

The teachings:    
The teachings were exceptional and well balanced!

The ashram:    
The ashram gets more beautiful and magical every time I come here.

The food and Facilities:    
The food is delicious with the addition of papaya and curd for lunch my constipation went away.

The people/
Support staff:    
Everyone is supportive as usual! Sushil is especially kind and helpful and just a wonderful person to know!

The atmosphere:    
The atmosphere is just serene!

The group:    
I felt the group was very lucky to be so small. In a larger group their needs may not have been met; they could have easily gotten lost in a larger group. Each one was highly unique and by the end I loved all loved them, especially their quirks / idiosyncrasies.

My sincere thanks to Sharat and Shivani for allowing me to assist in this course. Not only could I experience the teaching under a highly knowledgeable, interesting, talented and magical teacher (Shivani), but I was able to learn new techniques, tricks and strategies for teaching myself. I absolutely loved leading the relaxation sessions because it allowed me truly experience what it would like to teach this method and because I miss teaching and having students. Thank you Shivani for being open to my ideas and preferences, for answering my questions, for being an honest, straight forward and happy person. And I hope that I was truly of assistance to you.