Yoga Therapy Courses with Yoga Master Sharat Arora & His Assisting Teachers

Tamby Jayanti, 33 (India), F

Date: 1 - 15 January 2016

Since I started learning at HIYC I observed many changes occurring in myself. I had to go through very hard times but essential in this process of change. I feel that some ‘’purification’’ has been taking place. I feel now lighter, more open. My mind is clearer and less wondering. I also feel inner peace which is the most amazing gain once can experiment I guess. This time at the center was an intense self exploration that thought me so much about myself and about life in general.

I found this course very useful-working on the awareness of my body opens up the doors of the awareness of how I think, how I live, how I act. I see myself now with more honesty and acceptance. My worse enemy has always been my mind that totally controls me. This course helped me to take control, my mind is more quiet now. Emotionally I feel more balanced also. Finally I experience silence- no more crazy waves anymore. …..what else better can I gain?

The program was great. But I still have a lack of confidence and experience to practice by myself. Plus I am traveling a lot and to use of so many props seem to be a constraint for me. I am now continuing to learn at the HIYC to gain this confidence and experience I need to develop a self practice that will fit my needs.

I feel many changes! I have lighter and shorter sleep, more energetic when I wake up and during the day, less food needed, general feeling of lightness and peace, my mind is quiet, emotions more balanced, feeling of more clarity about life in general, openness in the heart.

Staff, employees, teachers are full of care. I really felt like being taken care of like a child. The teachers are supporting, giving their full attention so trust easily comes. Trust is an essential component in a learning process.


Kader Frafar, 46 (Switzerland), M

Date: 1 - 15 January 2016

I really enjoyed the therapy course…….and it’s not finished everything was very helpful….specially to open our awareness onto our body and our behaviors.

I am sure that the self practice programs and the photos that are given in the course will help my to do the best self practice that I can do.

Many things happened! Emotional and physical movements are very hard during the course…..and it’s still moving! So it’s too early to notice what kind of way my body and my mind will take.

I love all of the teachers and the assistances in the centre. They are so kind with us that we only can love them.

The food is good!


Orkide Benlioglu, 43 (Turkey) F

Date: 14-25 May 2015

During the therapy program all teacher trainers were very helpful. Especially I like to say thank you Leona and Regi, they were really supportive with their technical helps and emotional courage. Also thanks to Yaara and Sharat, sometimes hard with his words, but direct and realistic. So thanks to him very much.

Yes, I had lots of emotions come out. I realized where all my tensions are and focus on to calm these areas and my mind.

Sometimes during the class I was feeling like “what is it, more than props?” How can so much emotions coming up with those asanas? But this is the very amazing part of the HIYC, I thought.

I have never done Iyengar Yoga before and I thought that it is like acrobats, but since I have been to my first 5 days course and first class with Sharat, I had lots of emotional release. So I don’t know Iyengar classes but I like Sharat’s technique with props and meditation. It makes the HIYC so special. I came here only for a 5 day program, but now I did 5 times 5 days!

Relaxation, meditation and yoga therapy program; sometimes I was questioning, if I can carry all this information and practice at home. So therefore more DVDs and written material would be very helpful.

I will focus to practice at home and share with other people this great information. Maybe I have an opportunity to come back again in the future.

My special thanks to Sharat, Yaara, Leona, Regie, Polina, Leo and all the other people, who have been helping us. Of course a lot thanks to dear Sham!
Thank you to the whole HIYC family!

Geraldine Lachance-Fortin, 32 (Canada) F

Date: 14-25 May 2015

I had a very good time here. I think this is how yoga should be. I also really liked the environment (hall, garden), the teachings, Sham who is always kind and helpful, the music evenings and the nice pets.

At the end of the therapy course I felt really drained, physically and emotionally. And I had a lot of pain in neck and shoulders.
Now after a few days of continuing my practice and more rest, I still have significant neck pain, but I value the progress I have made on another level.

I find that aggravation of pain are really hard accept, but I am getting better at it and doing less I have more confidence in my body/mind capacity of self-healing.  And the major step forward is the increased consciousness of my body. Also realizing how unconscious and careless of the tensions building up in the past years, and accepting it may take a while to improve.

Yaara, I couldn’t believe she had been doing this for less than two years. She is a very good yoga teacher and has all the qualities required to be a good teacher. She has it in her naturally and I am sure she is getting better and better with her hard work and commitment.

Sharat, the method you have developed and the way you teach it, are exceptional. It does bring a lot of light on understanding the bad physical and mental patterns we develop, and how being more conscious and through the practice of yoga, we can change them.

Being a western doctor myself, I now understand more the importance of confidence and faith (both in your own body and mind capacity of healing and in the method you chose to achieve it) central in eastern approaches.

Eitan Kurnick, 50 (Israel) M

Date: 14-25 May 2015

I enjoyed the personal attention that I received, always finding an attentive ear for anything that bothered me or any question.

The team is always helpful and kind.

It was a great opportunity to learn about my body, to improve my posture. At the same time I was learning about my habits and attitudes in life. Sharat is very insightful.

I feel many changes-I am walking more straight, I have awareness when I am bending my shoulders, and  I have more awareness of how I stand on my feet.

Thanks for all the team especially to the patient assistants. Highly recommend the introduction class to everyone.

Mandar Davelcar, 34 (Qatar)

Date: 14-25 May 2015

I really liked the course and personal attention given to my son throughout the course.

I am really impresses with the therapy course, the way such simple things can bring life changing things to one’s life.

Too early to see any noticeable change, but I am sure this therapy will bring positive changes in my son’s life.

Highly recommended for people to witness how small changes in the way of living can enrich your life.


Jesh Madhini , 28 (India) M

Date: 14-25 May 2015

I liked the philosophy behind the teachings and the really friendly teachers.

I feel like I have learned a lot and have become good at some poses. But the shoulder stand is still a struggle.

I felt certainly calmer after a class. It seems to help dealing with everything that is going on in my life.

It would be a good Idea to identify problem asanas for specific injuries and pay special attention during that pose.


Einat, 30 F

Date: 14-25 May 2015

It was everything that I was hoping for to learn, the basics and to be able to have an independent routine for back home.

I loved the instructors, Yaara, Paulina, Regi…everyone!

It was very intense but extremely helpful. I hope it will be as affective on my daily life back home.

I felt a major change in the way I carry my body and in my pain levels.


Latha Sagi, 39 (India) F

Date: 14-25 May 2015

It was a very nice course. The retreat at Shanti Ashram is a great experience. The therapy course is very beneficial.

Very beneficial and what I expected.  All teachers were very helpful.

I feel definitely more relaxed and improvement in my health.

Thanks a lot for all the help and making me comfortable.



Amy, 29 (UK), F

Date: January 2015

I enjoyed my time at HIYC, I particulary enjoyed the hanging and tadasana – I am trying to stand like this more… I enjoyed the teaching, though! I found getting to grips with everything you have to remember e.g. props etc. quite hard! My back and neck hurt, but I felt myself much more aware of my posture and how I am standing & moving.