Course fee includes 18% tax, excludes food & accommodation.
Online deposit is 30%. Remaining balance to be paid
in the office before the start of the course.

During the Special Yoga Course for Vipassana Meditators, we explore different techniques for sitting comfortably and straight over extended periods of time, without creating long-term back, knee or hip problems. For those meditation practitioners already suffering from injuries, we teach how to heal them with intelligent movements aligned positions and how to avoid "forcing" the body in the wrong direction.

The other aspect of the course deals with energizing and rejuvenating poses, and combining the Practice of Meditation with Relaxing Yoga Positions. These tools are very helpful for extremely busy people who cannot afford to spend several hours a day Practicing Vipassana in addition to a separate Yoga Practice.

Special Yoga Course for Vipassana Meditators

Event Details

Reservations Until:29/05/2020
Starts on:29/05/2020
Ends on:02/06/2020
Location:Dharamkot Centre - Dharamsala


Course fee
₹ 8,000.00

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