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Please note that we run two 160H Immersion courses per year. Each course is unique according to Master Teacher’s inspiration but the Yoga classes will follow the same program. They differ, however, in topic.

  • Spring Course: Pranic Healing: in this course we focus on the breath for an experience of true alignment in the postures ensures equanimity which is in line with a non-violent and ego-free Yoga Practice.
  • Summer Course: Chakras & Evolution of Consciousness: Consciousness evolves when specific attention is paid on the energetic movement upwards in the postures. This technology is explored in depth.

Pranic Healing - 160H Yoga Immersion Course

Event Details

Reservations Until:09/03/2020
Starts on:09/03/2020
Ends on:28/03/2020
Location:Himalaya Shanti Ashram - Dharamsala

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