320Hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course

Master Teacher Sharat Arora with 42 years of Yoga Experience

9 March - 19 April 2020
At the Himalaya Shanti Ashram, Dharamshala
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Pranic Healing Intensive Yoga Course

Master Teacher Sharat Arora with 42 years of Yoga Experience

9 - 28 March 2020
At the Himalaya Shanti Ashram
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Yoga Therapy Course

Master Teacher Sharat Arora with 42 years of Yoga Experience

1 - 26 May 2020
At the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre
Dharamkot - Dharamshala
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Yoga & Meditation Silent Retreat

9 - 28 March 2020
At the Himalaya Shanti Ashram
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Welcome to

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre

Dharamkot, Dharamshala & Arambol, Goa - India

We practise and teach a form of Iyengar Yoga as discovered by our Master Teacher Sharat Arora

Guruji B. K. S. Iyengar

BKS Iyengar was a genius of the body and full of compassion for his students. His teachings live on and Iyengar Yoga is perhaps the most popular style practised in the world today. His extensive research into the human body, therapeutics and healing led to the invention and use of yoga props: bricks, straps, chairs, etc to help everybody stay in the pose and achieve alignment regardless of age or physical condition.
Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar & Sharat Arora

Master Yoga Teacher Sharat Arora

Our Master Yoga Teacher Sharat Arora spent 7 years in full time study with BKS Iyengar. He assisted in all general classes and worked alongside him in the therapy sessions at the BKS Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune. There he learned not only Iyengar Yoga Asanas but also how to practise, how to teach & how to heal.

What did Guruji teach me? Everything. He taught me to feel, to explore, to try. He never gave an answer to a question but would push us to find it out ourselves, through the practice. He taught subtlety of awareness, this was his greatest gift.”
Master Yoga Teacher Sharat Arora

The Iyengar Yoga

His dedicated 7 years with Guruji BKS Iyengar led him to explore and develop his own yoga practice in line with Guruji's teachings of alignment & healing. The Yoga we practise and teach at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre is therefore an EVOLUTION of the Traditional Iyengar Yoga.
Master Teacher Sharat Arora's relentless exploration led him to discover the importance of the foundations in Yoga Practice. From there the Yoga Asanas grow and alignment is found. The revelation about footwork and handwork is integral and specific to Master Teacher Sharat Arora's style of teaching.

To read more about Master Teacher Sharat Arora’s life and the influences that inspired his teachings click here.

The Yoga Courses

We run a range of Iyengar Yoga Courses, Yoga Teacher Training, Intensive Workshops and Silent Retreats at our Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centres and Yoga Ashram. All students starts with an introduction to the yoga method regardless of previous Iyengar Yoga or other Yoga Practices experience because of the subtle differences between these styles and what we teach. For students who wish to learn the method properly and take away a full Hatha Yoga Self-Practice, we recommend 3 weeks of classes at one of our Yoga Centres or an equivalent 9-Day Intensive Yoga Course.
Iyengar Yoga - The Yoga Courses
Students who are inspired to go deeper still are encouraged to visit our Yoga Ashram and complete an Intensive Course or Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Course. We also offer shorter Intensive Courses, Silent Meditation Retreats, Yoga Therapy Courses, Back Pain Workshops, Yoga for Vipassana Meditators, Yoga for Women and more.

Which Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre Course for me?

320H Yoga Teacher Training Course

The Yoga Teacher Training in our Yoga Ashram in Dharamshala is for students who wish to understand the Yoga practice in a thorough and scientific manner so as to be able to share it with others as well as farther deepen their own self-practice. Yoga Asana classes are replaced by theoretical and pedagogical classes with Master Teacher Sharat Arora. Several hours per day are given to Yoga Self-Practice and Pranayama as well as Yoga Teaching hands-on classes in which the other trainees can practise.
Benefits of this Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)
  • The Yoga Teacher Training Course is very practical with a lot of time given to yoga teaching and correcting practice with feedback from Master Teacher Sharat Arora and other teachers trained by him.
  • Anatomy and philosophy are woven throughout this Yoga Teacher Training in a practical way that is applicable to practice and life.
  • Yoga Therapy is also covered in a unique and hands-on way
  • Learn to see energetic and mental imbalances by studying the body and understand how to correct them
Why do a YTT with Master Teacher Sharat Arora at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre?
Benefit from a Yoga Teacher Training with a true Master Yoga Teacher who has 42 years of experience in yoga practice, teaching and therapeutics.
  • Designed for people who wish to train as a highly skilled Yoga Instructor as well as for those who seek to further their own Yoga practice through deeper understanding.

The 5-Day Yoga Courses

Start with an Introductory Yoga Course to learn the essentials of Master Teacher Sharat Arora evolution of Iyengar Yoga. Stay longer and progress to the Returning Students' Yoga Classes where more subtle aspects of practice as well as wider range of yoga asanas are taught. 3 weeks of 5-Day Yoga Courses give you proper understanding of the method and establish you in the Self-Practice do that you can confidently continue doing Yoga Asanas back home.
Iyengar Yoga - 5-Day Yoga Courses

9-Day Intensive Yoga Course

For those who don't have the time to spend 3 weeks studying with us, the shorter and more intensive 9-day residential courses give you the same practical understanding as 3 weeks of the regular 5-Day Yoga Courses. The 9-Day Yoga Courses run at our Centre in Dharamkot and our Yoga Ashram in Dharamshala.
Iyengar Yoga - 9-Day Intensive Yoga Courses

160H Yoga Intensive Course

The Yoga Intensive Courses take place in our Himalaya Shanti Ashram. They are for students who wish to retreat from external influences and dedicate themselves entirely to their Yoga Practice. The Intensive Courses give proper space and time to deep self-exploration & personal transformation. Because of the importance of Self-Practice on the spiritual development of the Yogi, two hours of Self-Practice is prescribed daily before the guided Yoga Asanas classes begin. Pranayama is also taught along with the Relaxation Asanas sessions. Time is also given to Meditation and Lectures on Yoga Philosophy. The Intensive Yoga Courses take place 3 times per year and each focuses on a different theme.
Iyengar Yoga - 160H Immersion Courses
They are for serious and committed students. No prior Yoga experience is required, however there is a pre-requisite of 3 weeks of 5-Day Yoga Courses or a 9-Day Intensive Yoga Course.

Yoga & Meditation Silent Retreat

Take a break in our stunning Yoga Ashram in the Himalayas, turn within and explore yourself through the ancient arts of Yoga & Meditation. The Silent Meditation Retreat is suitable for all levels of students. Morning Asana Classes are complimented by afternoon Relaxation sessions as well as twice-daily double sittings of Meditation. The silence and regular meditation mean that students advance more deeply in the understanding of their bodies and minds than through the Yoga Method during regular classes at the Yoga Centres. This 12-Day Yoga & Meditation course counts as 3 weeks of 5-Day Yoga Course and qualifies the student for a 160Hr Yoga Intensive Course.
Iyengar Yoga - Yoga & Meditation Silent Retreat

Yoga Therapy Course

Our Yoga Method has Yoga therapeutics at its core, however for students with a specific ailment who require specialised and personalised attention we offer the Yoga Therapy Course. During this course students get a diagnosis with Master Teacher Sharat Arora, a Yoga prescriptive program tailored to their needs and the help, encouragement and corrections they need to be able to continue their healing practice at home.
Iyengar Yoga - Yoga Therapy Course

Yoga for Vipassana Meditators

Master Teacher Sharat Arora was greatly inspired by the techniques of Vipassana Meditation. In this course you learn comfortable ways of sitting straight effortlessly for long periods of time with adjustments for common aches such as hip, knee and back pains. Corrective poses are practised to balance the effects of sitting as well as how to incorporate an hour’s Vipassana Meditation within the Iyengar Yoga practice. Practitioners of other types of meditation may make a request to the Master Teacher to attend this course.
Iyengar Yoga - Yoga for Vipassana Meditation

Special Yoga Classes

Yoga for Women, Yoga for Men, Yoga for Children and other Special Yoga Workshops are scheduled when there is demand. Other courses may be scheduled throughout the year. To stay updated about upcoming courses subscribe to our newsletter here.

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