Volunteering Opportunities at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre

We at HIYC strive to create human wellbeing in all its aspects. You can help us reach out to a growing number of people.

HIYC offers a variety of fulfilling Volunteer Opportunities. Join our dedicated team in the following capacities for at least 6 months :

Writing :

  1. Articles related to Spiritual Life & Healing
  2. Preparing, reviewing and editing text about Yoga Centre, our People and Courses
  3. Book of Sharat Arora teachings

Graphics & Multi-media

  1. Audio Recording Equipment/Video Camera Operator
  2. Audio and Video Editor
  3. Graphic Designer
  4. Photographer

IT/Web/Social Media Sites

  1. Facebook/Twitter Content Manager
  2. Youtube/ Vimeo /Google+ Content Manager
  3. Writer (articles, descriptions, reviewing written contents, transcriptions)
  4. DTP Operator

Environmental Projects (Himalaya Shanti Ashram )

  1. Organic Farming
  2. Permaculture
  3. Water management (River water mill for electricity, Irrigation channels for the camps, Water filters in the ground, Natural sewage systems etc.)
  4. Other environmental projects

Candidates with previous experience are preferred.

Please contact us at info@hiyogacentre.com attaching your CV with picture and writing a short personal info about yourself; when would you like to come and for how long, what kind of activity would you like to take upon and a brief description of your vision.


Terms for Volunteer opportunities at HIYC:

You can pay for the Intensive/Teachers Training Courses (TTC) by volunteering to do work in exchange under the following conditions:

  1. For the Intensive a minimum of 3 months and for the TTC a minimum of 6 months work @ 5 hours a day 6 days a week.
  2. The work has to be completed before the course starts as during the intensive/TTC no work is possible as the course program is full time.
  3. All 5-Day Yoga Courses can be attended during your stay.
  4. If you wish to only attend weekly 5-Day Yoga Courses (with 2 days break for Self-Practice) for a longer period of time without doing an Intensive/TTC you can commit yourself to do 2,5 hours a day 6 days a week or 3 hours a day 5 days a week only.

*Accommodation and food is not included during this period.......... if you choose to stay at the centre a discounted room/hut rate can be negotiated beforehand.

It is wonderful that you are looking to be part of our team and give 100% to working, to learning Yoga, do a lot of Yoga practice, meditate, walk and be happy :)

This is exactly what we are looking for too!


Volunteering Opportunities at the Himalaya Shanti Ashram

Volunteering Opportunities in  Permaculture Organic Farming Food Forest


We are the Himalaya Shanti Ashram for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing located by a beautiful river in the foothills of the Himalayas near Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. We run Organic Farming to grow all kinds of fruit and vegetables and keep cows for milk. The project is in it's infancy right now, we have been working hard for a year and are making excellent progress but we are ambitious and would like to be able to provide all the food needed for the guests on the Yoga Retreats from our own cultivation. Therefore, we need help from motivated, hands-on people with a passion for working outdoors who can help us to create and implement new gardening projects.


We are looking for enthusiastic, hardworking people with a love of nature. We would especially like to host people with experience in gardening, farming, animal handling, Permaculture and eco-building, but if you are prepared to work hard, be flexible and accommodating then you would be welcome even without much experience. We would like volunteers who will appreciate our beautiful natural retreat space and treat it like home, taking responsibility and initiative accordingly to ensure the smooth running of the place.

Duties may include :

Gardening, Composting, Building, General Maintenance, Farming, Light House Keeping, Animal Care.

We are ideally looking for long-term volunteers who can stay upwards of three months, but will consider shorter term applicants if you seem like a good fit.


We offer shared accommodation in a beautiful community space with shared bathroom. We offer two vegetarian meals per day, lunch and dinner. You may bring your own breakfast things; fruits, oats, bread etc from town on your days off. Leftovers from lunch and/or dinner will also be made available and fruit can be ordered from the Ashram shop.

To bring :

- Photocopy of your passport and VISA. Indian volunteers should bring a photocopy of any proof of identity
- Work clothes, hiking shoes, and rain gear
- Toiletries (preferably of natural source & chemical free)
- We have some blankets and pillows, but if possible bring your own sleeping bag
- Torch/headlamp
- For women: instead of bringing disposable tampons, consider using a menstrual moon cup (i.e. http://divacup.com/ ), which can be washed and reused and/or cotton washable pads
- Please be considerate when bringing any plastics or disposable items, ask yourself if it is really needed before packing it. As a general rule of thumb if you are not prepared to take it out with you, please do not bring it in.

What else

We ask that you respect the rules of the Ashram and not smoke, drink alcohol or eat meat in the grounds. We also ask that you respect local custom by dressing appropriately around the Ashram and do not swim naked in the river.

We work hard and start early so it is good for you to cultivate a personal rhythm that is suited to this way of life.

Volunteers work alongside local workers so you will get a taste of the local Himachali culture.


We are located in the vicinity of Dharamshala - Gaggal Airport (20 minutes by taxi) and McLeodganj (about 40 minutes by taxi or 1.5 hours walk and bus ride). This is the site of the exiled Tibetan community and the residence so the Indian culture in the area is here also mixed with their culture. Many people come here to study Buddhism, language, and culture.

We are in a very secluded location but there are plenty of trekking opportunities nearby and the Ashram grounds offer plenty to do on days off including walking, swimming in the river and enjoying the beautiful nature around.

There is NO ATM at the Ashram. ATMs are available at 4 Km from the ashram in the village of Charri. There you can also buy fruits and other essentials.

Telephone Communication

One can buy a SIM at any place in India by providing a copy of passport and a photo. It takes around 3-4 days to activate the number, hence please buy at a place where you stay for a week or so. You can then give the number to your family and friends since there are no charges on incoming calls in India.

Contact Number
Mohan : +918884443666
(contact only via text message or WhatsApp).

If you have a phone number pass it on to us, too, as soon as you confirm your date of arrival.

To connect please write to: info@hiyogacentre.com

Please write the email subject title :
Volunteering for Ashram or call +918884443666

Yoga Classes
Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre in Dharamkot, Dharamsala HP, India

Yoga Classes
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Yoga Classes
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Upcoming Trainings & Events

Chakras and Evolution of Consciousness Special Yoga Course
Venue: Goa
Date: 20 - 28 January 2018
Price: Consult
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Pranic Healing Intensive Yoga Course
Venue: Himalaya Shanti Ashram
Date: 19 March - 7 April 2018
Price: Consult
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Yoga Teachers Training Course
Venue: Himalaya Shanti Ashram
Date: 19 March - 28 April 2018
Price: Consult
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Yoga Therapy Course
Venue: Dharamkot Centre
Date: 18 April - 13 May 2018
Price: Consult
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Special Yoga Course for Vipassana Meditators
Venue: Dharamkot
Date: 30 May - 3 June 2018
Price: ₹ 8,260 (Includes Tax 18%)
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16th Anniversary of the BKS Iyengar Yoga Hall
Venue: Dharamkot
Date: 4 June 2018
Price: Free


Yoga & Meditation Silent Retreat
Venue: Himalaya Shanti Ashram
Date: 6 - 17 June 2018
Price: ₹ 39,530 (Includes Tax 18%)
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Chakras and Evolution of Consciousness Intensive Yoga Course
Venue: Himalaya Shanti Ashram
Date: 25 July - 13 August 2018
Price: Consult
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Yoga Teachers Training Course
Venue: Himalaya Shanti Ashram
Date: 25 July - 3 September 2018
Price: Consult
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Yoga Therapy Course
Venue: Dharamkot Centre
Date: 22 August - 16 September 2018
Price: Consult
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Yoga & Meditation Silent Retreat
Venue: Himalaya Shanti Ashram
Date: 19 - 30 September 2018
Price: ₹ 39,530 (Includes Tax 18%)
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